Assign Reminders

Do friends and family keep forgetting stuff you want them to do? Just create a reminder and assign it to them.

Frequent Alerts

Once reminders are assigned, the App keeps notifying your friends at regular intervals till they are done. You also have the ability to interact with all your friends through the App. Not only can you get stuff done, you can get stuff done right!

Get Stuff Done!

Thats it! You are all set to get more stuff done. Be on top of things and never forget to put a smile on your face.

All that you ever wanted in a simple reminder app

A Neat Dashboard View

A dashboard view with all latest notifcations you need to be aware of.

Cloud Sync

All your reminders are in the cloud. You can use as many devices as desired

Offline Support

No internet ? Don't worry!. Go ahead and create reminders. As soon as your device gets internet , we'll sync the data

Reminder Alerts

Get alerts of all reminders in your inbox. We'll make sure you never forget.


You can interact with your friends through the app to get stuff done right!

Auto Close

System auto closes reminders that are 3 days beyond the due date. And we keep your inbox fresh!